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What are tracking tokens and how to use them?

The tracking tokens are very important because they offer you a better perspective over the big picture and support your optimization processes!

What is a tracking token?

A tracking token is a dynamically generated variable provided by a paid traffic network. In offers’ URLs, tokens are used to track specific information in an ad campaign. Usually, you can add multiple tokens to your traffic software in order to help you monetize your campaigns.

What is a tracking platform?

This type of platforms allows you to track your activity in a simple and reliable way. Normally, you have different filters available to analyze your data. Based on the data extracted using the tracking platform, further optimization processes need to be devised and applied, in order for you to obtain better results!

Tracking tokens available within Coinverti:

Below you can find the tokens (on the left) and what they track (on the right side):

  1. [country] — Country Code (2 letter country code like US, FR, DE, IT)
  2. [city] — City Code
  3. [ip] — Show IP address from user
  4. [os] — Operating System (Windows, Linux, Android and so on…)
  5. [refer] — Publisher’s website id (this is the one you need to track the site-ids)
  6. [state] — State Name — Valid for only some countries.
  7. [timestamp] — Tracks time when the click is made.

If you are willing to get better results, start using the tracking tokens as soon as possible and you’ll see the progress in no time!