How to create a backup ad for display zones? Modern & Informative

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How to create a backup ad for display zones?

About backup ads

By default we show an ‘advertise here’ banner to encourage advertisers to buy your ad while your unit is unsold. You can change this by specifying what this unit should show if no ads are available and/or the unit is unsold. If you set a backfill code the ad unit can display ads from another exchange while the unit is unsold on our marketplace.

There are multiple names for this kind of technique.

  • fallback ad
  • backup ad
  • back fill
  • passback ad

and probably some more.

How does it work? You fill the backup code of an ad zone and if the ad zone was not sold by some reason, backup code instantly executes any code you place there!

It could be anything:

  • Google Adsense or alternative ad network code
  • Affiliate banner code
  • Your own custom code

How to set up a backup ad?

Here is the detailed instruction:

1. Navigate to “My Websites”

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2. Select “Action” and click on “Backup Code”

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3. Enter alternative ad network code and click on “Save Changes”

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Don’t hesitate to share your experience of using backup ads for ad display zone, so we could make it work even better! Feel free to contact us if you are facing any problems.