Coinverti - How to launch a SmartCPA campaign?

How to launch a SmartCPA campaign?

May, 08, 2019

What is SmartCPA?

SmartCPA is an auto-optimized algorithm that adjusts the parameters of your advertising campaign with a CPA bidding model to help you get as many conversions as possible.

It uses advanced machine learning to automatically match your CPA offer with users that are interested in such content.

Before launching a SmartCPA campaign, our team will have to test it. The test will show whether your campaign is working properly with the tracking code installed on your landing page.

When the test is over, you see the results and statistics on the "Statistics" page in the "My Campaigns" tab.

Also, you can find the current status of SmartCPA campaign on the "My Campaigns" page.


How does a SmartCPA campaign work?

You create a new SmartCPA campaign.

The campaign is approved by our Team.

You get an optimized campaign with a CPA pricing model.


How to launch a SmartCPA Campaign?

1) Log in to your advertiser account and create and complete a new ad.

2) To start a SmartCPA campaign choose a "SmartCPA zone".

3) Integrate tracking code in your website. Contact us for assistance.

Q: Why did my SmartCPA campaign stop?

  • Your campaign reached the "Campaign Budget".

  • You don’t have enough funds in your account to continue.

  • Your campaign test failed.

  • Campaign has reached its "End Date".

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